Beautiful images that document your family. Real. Earnest. Natural. The story of you.

Your Day in the Life Session

Katrina LOVES these sessions. They are a marathon of emotion and activity, and she is truly honored to be welcomed into your household and given such an intimate look into your family’s interactions. This day can be planned or spontaneous; Katrina typically arrives at your home before your children wake and unobtrusively documents your day until they go to bed. Normal, everyday moments like playing a board game, reading a book or going to the playground result in the images that are most genuine and cherished. These habitual activities help the photographs show the essence of your family, what brings you close: your dynamic. A Day in the Life session with Katrina results in tender, lovely images that aren’t posed, aren’t rehearsed and most importantly, aren’t rushed. Just your family—being themselves. 

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All Day in the Life Sessions include a disk of high resolution edited images

Day in the Life Session:  $1200
Session plus custom art book of images: $1800
Session plus montage video: $2200
Session, video and book: $2500

Destination Day in the Life Sessions are also available as a customized package.